Useful + Beautiful (Winter '14)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Since launching Nuffnang in London last year, our Winter workshop has unintentionally become the finale of our annual event calendar. In the end of year haste, I didn't have the chance to illustrate and describe it here, so apologies for the lateness of this post - hopefully it will add more fuel to your creative fire for the coming year. 

Our first speaker was Fran from @fallfordiy! She's been describing how a professional blog can get you a job in industry, the evolution of her logo and personal brand, how Pinterest is a great source of new traffic to her blog, and that keeping an eye on what your readers like and their browsing behaviour once they're on your blog using analytics is very insightful.

I absolutely loved the talk about personal branding from our second speaker Carrie from @goodprintuk &@notthekind! She shared her personal and professional experience, demystified 'brand' and 'authenticity', and explained how if you deliver your brand consistently (online/offline) - opportunities will reveal themselves.

Marlene from @cookiesncandies presented that Useful + Beautiful content can be about communicating strength and power while recounting a difficult personal story through thoughtful imagery and editorial. She shared her project "Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket" inspired by the need that despite in an age of ever more sharing, we still lack safe platforms for personal expression. Lastly, be fearless, collaborate, push boundaries and don't put yourself in a 'blog type' box.

Tea time! Brownie eating was courtesy of @juliashomemade & bloggers were treated to a DIY camera-strap making with @fallfordiy...

Our next creative speaker was Teri from the @thelovelydrawer, sharing advice on making the jump to freelance, speaking honestly about the initial financial uncertainty and the confidence she gained from blogging, how her blog is a crucial part of her branding, styling and creative business, the importance of mastering your camera and experimenting to find what best works for your aesthetic and being selectively social (even if that means doing fewer things better)! Finally, know your blog has to look beautiful & professional, because there are many other great content options available for your readers to find!

Sarah from @laughing_medusa, mused on existentialism, setting up a magazine which was a great learning experience, meeting friends through Twitter & blogging, the secret to being a writer & defining your niche, pitching a story & not a subject, knowing your worth (writing for free should be the exception, not the norm), and that an 'accountability partner' can be a great asset to keep you honest & on track!

Last but not least, we had Jesse (@jesselili) from Nuffnang presenting how to share and distribute Useful + Beautiful content using newsletters. She showed the evolution of Nuffnang's newsletters (our first ones needed work!) and illustrated the benefits, Mailchimp best practices, and how it's another helpful channel to engage your audience, customers or readers.

Nuffnang's Useful + Beautiful Winter workshop featured @fallfordiy@laughing_medusa,@thelovelydrawer@cookiesncandies@jesselili and was supported by @goodprintuk, hosted at @citizenm, with brownies from @juliashomemade!

It was a lovely bookend to 2014 and looking forward to what we have in store later this year. Stay tuned.  

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