Return of the Rudeboy, Somerset House

Sunday, 3 August 2014

In the spur of the moment, I made my way to the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition at Somerset House. With their distinctive style, a Rudeboy (or indeed Rudegirl) is easier to spot in the street than pin down in a neat dictionary definition. A movement rooted in the shanty back streets of 1950s/60s Jamaica, it's current manifestation - part Shoreditch, part Savile Row; part traditional English gentleman, part urban avant-garde - is alive and well on the streets of London, adapting with the times.

'Rudies' express individuality through their personal-style and attitudes, transcending age, whether your male or female, African, Asian or European. In keeping with this expression, each of the participants has provided their own signature playlist to form a background soundtrack as you move through the exhibition and there's a pop-up 'grooming station' to boot (by appointment) with a Rudeboy barber.

This free exhibition run runs until 25th August. Head over to Somerset House for more information. 

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