London Through Google Glass

Saturday, 28 June 2014

This morning, I attended Google's #ThroughGlass event - a showcase and hands-on experience with the piece of wearable technology that ever since it was announced has captured everyone's imagination !

As soon as I arrived and was greeted by the first person wearing Glass at the entrance, I honestly thought to myself 'this looks a bit silly', but once I personally put it on and was surrounded by others wearing Glass - it soon felt normal and natural. It's lighter than you expect it to be and is designed to be something you occasionally consult rather than use constantly. It's immersive and hands free without being a distraction, though it does noticeably heat up (on one occasion I was presented with the message "Glass must cool down to run smoothly"). The design is sleek and minimalist, while functions are either activated through voice, touch or gesture. Three apps or 'Glassware' were on show: wordlens (translation), musicmatch (song recognition) and starcharts (constellation mapping).

Particular 'wow' moments for me were Googling the Glastonbury line-up and being able to swipe through who's playing later today, translating a recipe from Italian into English, and recognising a song playing aloud with the lyrics then appearing for you to follow (or sing) along to with Glass. I also had a brief chat with Vanessa, one of the guides for the 'explorers' - the first adopters who purchase Glass in the UK (for £1000), forming a community of advocates, giving feedback and sharing thoughts on their user experience with Google.

Personally, the Glass at the moment is more novelty than practicality. My first foray into wearable technology will most likely be a smart watch (such as the recently announced Moto 360). One thing is for certain however, wearable technology is fascinating and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

Thank you Google for opening up the experience to everyone (please invite me when driverless cars arrive in the UK!)

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