Prix Pictet "Consumption", V&A

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Before setting off for Brussels this past weekend, I quickly leapt to view the Prix Pictet exhibition hosted at the V&A (22 May - 14 June 2014). Now in its 10th year, the theme of this year's 'Prize for Photography and Sustainability' was Consumption and eleven international photographers were included in the final short-list. Their projects reflected on some of the most current and pressing social and environmental challenges we face today.

Entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum

Foyer of the Victoria and Albert Museum

As the foreword to the exhibition eloquently states:
"We are all consumers. We have invented new forms of building, industrial production, farming and energy; we have emptied the seas and ravaged the land in our relentless drive to satisfy our unquenchable desires. We have at times sustained our appetites through the exploitation of the world's poorest people. The consequences of our voracity are everywhere for us to see."
Feedlots Photograph - Beef Farm
© Mishka Henner - Feedlots (Beef & Oil)

This large-scale photographic print above in particular depicts a landscape carved up by the beef industry as seen from the perspective of a satellite orbiting earth - representing the systematic intent to maximise production and yield to satisfy human demand and consumption.

Family Dining Table Photo
© Motoyuki Daifu - Project Family
I personally was most affected and drawn in by the work of Rineke Dijkstra, Motoyuki Daifu, Laurie Simmons and Mishka Henner. Unfortunately Michael Schmidt, the fifth laureate of the prize, sadly passed away days after the announcement. The exhibition ends in just a few days' time and I highly recommend a visit, even if it is just a short one at lunch or at the end of your day on the way home.

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